Durable Dental Crowns Protect Your Oral Health

With an emphasis on health and wellness, Dr. van Zyl offers patients excellent outcomes and comfortable visits.

Dental Crowns


Dentistry strives to save and to restore decayed and broken teeth to their full strength and function. When the cavity or the chip in the tooth is small, the repair can be done with a filling. Larger cavities and fractures weaken the remaining tooth structure, and in these cases, crowns are indicated to strengthen the remaining tooth and prevent further fractures. Crowns are fabricated from several materials, most of them mimicking the appearance of natural teeth. Porcelain is one of the durable tooth-like materials used to make crowns. Its properties withstand the biting and chewing forces well, and with good care can last for many years. Crowns are designed to act as a real tooth, including maintaining the patient’s balanced bite.

Dental health is another important key to overall health and wellness. Although it is very important, most patients still dread going to the dentist. Rest assured, Dr. van Zyl is very meticulous and gentle and uses only the best products and techniques for all the services he provides. Modern dentistry also has come a long way in improving the patient experience and Dr. van Zyl has designed his office to make yours’s as comfortable as possible

Acutal Patient – 3 front teeth

Acutal Patient – 3 front teeth

Crowns are designed to mimic the shape, size, contours and color of your natural teeth. They are fabricated from a specially engineered dental porcelain with many of the same light reflecting properties as natural tooth structure. Therefore, a carefully crafted crown should be difficult to spot in the mouth.

Dr. van Zyl and his team work diligently in providing the best dental experience for all procedures, especially the more involved ones, such as dental crowns. His practice is focused on providing you with the highest quality of care in the most comfortable setting.