New beauty and healthy function with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. van Zyl restores aesthetics and improves health with treatments that open the airway, align the jaws and improve posture.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Dr. van Zyl restores the aesthetic beauty and function of the all the teeth when doing a full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitations are necessary when the teeth are badly worn and chipped, teeth are missing, or the jaws are not in optimal alignment. A person’s smile says a lot and often a new bright smile will result in an improved quality of life.

The first step in the process of a full mouth rehabilitation is gathering all the information necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Identifying and eliminating the root causes for the damaged and missing teeth or painful dysfunction are critically important for a long-term successful outcome. Often the underdevelopment of the jaws is the cause of the issues. Therefore, optimal jaw and midface development is a recommended first step before embarking on this intensive process. A successful full mouth rehabilitation not only restores the teeth and jaw position to their ideal esthetical proportions and function, but it also opens the upper airway and improves head and body posture. The physiologic benefits of a full mouth rehabilitation can be vital keys to regain your overall health and wellness.

Actual Patient – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Actual Patient – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Actual Patient – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Actual Patient – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients suffering from Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) often require full mouth rehabilitation to reestablish harmony of function between the supporting jaw muscles, the teeth and the jaw joints. Many suffering with TMD also have chronic head, neck and jaw pain as a result of the parts not working together. Therefore, the muscles and jaw joints often become inflamed and painful to the touch or refer pain to distant sites. These jaw muscles can never relax because they are required to maintain the bad position of the lower jaw allowing all the teeth to come together. Physiologic-based or Neuromuscular Dentistry utilizes the stimulation of the nervous system to relax the supporting muscles of the jaw. This helps in re-establishing harmony between the jaw joints, jaw muscles, lower jaw and teeth positions. Once the position of harmony is determined an anatomic orthotic, a specialized splint, temporarily changes the position of the teeth on the appliance only, maintaining this ideal position for the lower jaw in a stable and balance bite position. This initial step in treatment helps us in verifying the relationship between the symptoms and the dysfunction, as well as the efficiency and efficacy of the proposed treatment. Properly positioned and supported jaw joints are additional dental keys to overall health and wellness.

Only after the patient is symptom-free, the jaw positions have been idealized, the teeth have been orthodontically aligned, then smile design can be finalized. Dr. van Zyl relies on patient input and his excellent aesthetic training to help select the ideal tooth dimensions and color for the fabrication of the final restorations. This is a game changer, a rare opportunity for a do-over! With full mouth rehabilitation patients get the smiles they’ve always wanted. Dr. van Zyl strives to seamlessly blend these exquisitely crafted all-porcelain restorations, fabricated by world-class technicians from the finest materials, into your new stunning but natural looking smile. The goal of every full mouth rehabilitation is the elimination of pain and dysfunction first, then restoring back the twinkle you lost in your smile.

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People suffering from jaw, neck, back and ear pain, missing, worn and damaged teeth may need a full moth rehabilitation. These are just a few of the more common symptoms associated with dysfunction of the biting apparatus and should start a conversation about a full mouth rehabilitation. If you have persistent headaches, jaw, neck and back pain, your bite does not close properly or you have multiple missing back teeth, we recommend scheduling a consultation to explore your option for improving your quality of life.

There are obvious benefits to improving you smile. First impressions are vitally important, and your smile is the first thing everyone notices. Those receiving full mouth rehabilitations not only make more memorable first impressions, but they also sleep better and live healthier and more energetic lives. Restoring smiles is only one part of effective full mouth rehabilitations. More importantly they restore quality of life and self-confidence.